A Program Proven Effective for the Drunk Driving Offender

Impact Weekend Program Components

Assessment and Evaluation

When a participant first arrives, he/she fills out a Self Evaluation packet that addresses issues around drug and alcohol use, and an Initial Evaluation is completed by IMPACT WEEKEND staff. After program completion a Completion Report, that includes our recommendations, and Participant Review and Contract are mailed to the court.

Alcohol and Drug Usage

There are several lectures, videos, and group exercises that focus on substance use and abuse, and the effects of such on judgment and driving ability. Participants also are involved in activities that facilitate self-evaluation as to where they may fit on a continuum of substance use to addiction. Issues include recovery/treatment options, as well as an introduction to AA. This helps IMPACT WEEKEND staff in making referrals and in reporting to the court.

Family Issues

Several activities focus on the effects of DUI/DWI on families including financial, social, and psychological. Group discussions include how family dynamics may support substance abuse behavior, unknowingly hinder recovery, and help trigger relapse.

Anger Management and Decision Making

Consistent with the IMPACT WEEKEND philosophy of personal responsibility and self evaluation, there are several sessions that focus on the roles that poor anger management and poor decision making have been shown to play in drunk driving. Participants are presented with alternative coping strategies and cognitive tools specifically targeted to reduce drunk driving.

Community Service

On Saturday there is a two-hour community service work component, where participants provide labor to community agencies, churches, and government agencies. This is consistent with the use of IMPACT WEEKEND as an alternative to or component of incarceration.

Victim Impact Presentation

A Victim Impact Presentation is made Panel, where either a victim or a relative of a victim presents their personal experience with drunk driving, often accompanied by photographs of the accident. A group discussion involving the very real risks associated with drunk driving is included.