A Program Proven Effective for the Drunk Driving Offender


By Impact Weekend Graduates

"I realized each day that I was here at Impact Weekend that I am a problem drinker and that I should continue counseling and AA for as long as it takes me to keep sober."

"Impact Weekend showed me that it is all up to me and not up to anyone else to change my life for the better and that I don’t need to blame other people for my dependency."

"It helped me find out if I had a problem or not. I do and I will do something about it."

"This program should have been started years ago to give people a better understanding of the effects when drinking and driving."

"The information I read during my first night was more than I ever received sitting in jail."

"This weekend was not what I thought it would be – it was much better."

"I have definitely learned not to drink and drive and I know I can take what I learned this weekend back to my young friends so they won’t do it anymore."

"I learned about all issues of use and abuse and key things to help me decide on what I can do to change my life."

"What impacted me the most was that I could destroy many people’s lives by drinking or using drugs and then driving."

"I will leave this weekend a better person."

"Life is all about choices and acting on those choices. The ideas and concepts presented will help me make better decisions about a lot of life choices - not just drinking."